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Picotec: After the rain comes sunshine

You search:

  • A study for the placement of expansion joints.
  • a second opinion about the thermic expansion of a pipeline
  • a stress calculation on the base of isometrics

In case of a complex design or extensive damage you can't get around it. An accurate study is necessary. Smart solutions start with a precise on-site- investigation. But they also require a clear problem outline, exact calculations and immediately applicable solutions.


A Picotec-study: the power of a comet.

Problem, analysis and solution. They're standard. But a Picotec study contains also specifications for products and suggestions for suppliers. And offers proposals for delivery and assembly by our employees. Of course without any obligation.


Above all, a Picotec-report is:

  • Concise
  • Colution-oriented
  • Provided with clear photos and images

Moreover, we are well known with the use of the most advanced engineering software available including:

Coade - Caeser II - pijpijn stress analyseSolidworks - 3D CAD software


Lengthy and time-consuming documents with endless lists of possibillities: you should not expect that from us. With the fast speed and power of a comet. That’s how  we write our report. And so you also read it.

And of course we're finished in the agreed time. You can test it if you want. Ask a quote.