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Picotec: Partner in piping solutions

Picotec B.V.B.A.  is a dynamic company which offers professional solutions for your industrial piping network.Our customers are companies in  the petrochemical industry and  energy sector. Picotec offers its services worldwide , with the port of Antwerp as its home-base.

Your energy- and product piping stand under tension. Mechanical, chemical or thermal load causes pipe-stress ` i.e. damage to your tubes and supportive structures. With production loss and security risks as a  consequence. 


Your problem we make ours.

Picotec thinks with you. A pipeline which does not function optimally causes a return loss and is  a risk for well-being and environment . Picotec locates in an expert manner each failure and offers an appropriate solution. Adjusted to  your very concrete need.

Problem, analysis and solution. They are standard. But a study of Picotec contains also specifications for products and suggestions for suppliers.


Master in product recommendation

Over with hours of searching through catalogues. We know the pipeline components inside out. We also explain you exactly the specialities of our suppliers . Our productknowledge is objective and based on experience with the real performances of the  devices.


We offer an overall package  of:


Safety as a policy

The security of your staff, machinery and installations is your greatest concern. And you're right. The consequenses of an accident are disastrous.. Picotec follows your safety regulations strictly.  Our staff is VCA-certificated. Our products are manufactured according to official CE-standards. We deliver you without any problem all obligatory recognitions and licenses. You can sleep on your two ears.


Manager Erik Verschooren has over  25 years  of experience in the business. Stress in pipework has no secrets  for him. His knowledge of materials and technical expertise are a guarantee for excellent quality and reliability.

Our success formula? The appropriate solution for your specific problem.
But take also a look to our other advantages.

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