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Our trump cards for your piping network

Great staff

Picotec work with a qualified team of subcontractors. Each of them is a specialist in its field. And 100 per cent disciplined and precise.
The coordinator preserves the overview on implementation, products and working method. For each task he puts the correct man at the correct place. But the point for your questions or observations also always remains. Supervision with vision


Briefly on the ball

Speed really counts. YOU ring us tomorrow and lie today our tender on your office. One conversations are enough even if your data to collect. A production top to avoid? We work wherever possible with your installations in company.
Our good relations with suppliers and producers lay you no bindweed Irishmen. We enforce short delivery periods. Our material is in mum of time on the spot.


A word is a word

YOU can our faith. We stick to the appointments. A tender is on time ready. A product is swiftly provided. A study within the period agreed finished. Because promise makes debt. That is Picotec at feet from.

What can we for you can do? Look at our activities.